Weeding and watering

As soon as you see signs of vegetables germinating — or even before — you'll likely see weeds too. Get familiar with what your vegetables will look like when they're small so that you don't pull them out instead of the weeds. Planting in rows and marking seedlings carefully will help you distinguish crop from weed.

The best way to control weeds is to hand-pull or slice them off with a hoe when they're young; you disturb less soil that way, and the weeds are easier to pull at that time than when they're more mature. When you finish, mulch around the vegetables to conserve moisture and help control weeds. (Head to Chapter 11 for more about weeding and mulching.)

c^MT Watering is critical during the early stages of plant growth, but it's also essen' " tial when the plants are forming and ripening fruits. Mulching is an excellent way to conserve soil moisture, but you may need to do some supplemental watering, depending on your weather and where you live. Rather than water with overhead sprinklers or with your garden hose, consider using soaker hoses to apply water directly to the soil. You'll minimize disease problems and waste less water.

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