Several types of repellents may keep deer out of your yard:

  • Soap: Hang bars of soap from low tree branches or from stakes so that the bars are about 30 inches off the ground. Fragrant, tallow-based soaps such as Irish Spring work best.
  • Hair: Ask your barber or hairdresser if you can have some hair trimmings. Human hair hung in mesh bags about 3 feet off the ground may deter deer.
  • Spray: Use spray repellents on foliage. One recipe: Mix three raw eggs in a gallon of water and spray the mixture on plants. This substance apparently smells worse to the deer than it does to you.

For best results, spray plants before the deer develop their feeding habits and reapply most sprays after heavy rain.

Avoid spraying fruit and vegetables, because you don't want to eat the stuff yourself. If you use commercial repellents, follow the label instructions carefully.

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