Plant shapes

When you're planning how to use a plant in your garden or landscape, it helps to know something about how it grows. A garden filled with tall, narrow plants has a very different feel to it than one featuring spreading mounds of foliage. The best garden designs usually include plants with a variety of shapes:

  • Climbing plants cling or twine around a support as they reach for the sky. Without a support, they sprawl on the ground.
  • Upright plants stand tall on their own. Columnar plants are upright plants that are especially tall and narrow.
  • Mounding and shrubby plants form rounded cushions.
  • Weeping plants have branches that hang down.
  • Prostrate and creeping plants stay close to the ground, and some spread themselves around the garden.
  • Pyramidal plants are wide at the base and narrow at the top, while vase-shaped plants are narrow at the bottom and wide at the top.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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