Deciduous evergreen and conifer

Plants are also characterized by whether they keep their leaves year-round, and they fall into these categories:

  • Deciduous plants: These plants grow new leaves each spring. In autumn, those leaves die and fall off, leaving branches bare until spring.
  • Evergreen plants: These plants keep their leaves year-round. Although most shed leaves occasionally, their branches are never bare. Following are two examples of evergreens:
  • Needled evergreens, which include pines and spruces. (Think Christmas trees.)
  • Broadleaf evergreens, which have non-needle-like leaves. This category includes rhododendrons and most hollies.

Some herbaceous perennials, such as candytuft and hellebore, are evergreen. Others, such as bearded iris, are evergreen in warm climates and deciduous in cold climates; plants like these are sometimes described as semievergreen. And sometimes varieties of the same plant differ — evergreen and deciduous daylilies, for example.

✓ Conifers: Conifers are plants that bear cones. Although most conifers are evergreens, exceptions occur. One exception is larch (also known as tamarack), which is a conifer that loses its needles and is known as a deciduous conifer.

kBEn Whether a plant drops its leaves is an important consideration in garden design. If you want a year-round screen between your home and your neighbors, make sure that the plants you choose are evergreen. To find out which of these categories a plant fits into, read plant descriptions carefully; don't make assumptions based on generalizations; and try to find information specific to your gardening climate.

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