Control Pests with Traps and Barriers

Sometimes, protecting your crops from insects is as easy as throwing a fabric row cover over them. If the cabbage moths can't reach your broccoli to lay their eggs, for example, you won't find caterpillars in your vegetables. A strip of newspaper wrapped around the tender stem of a seedling can prevent a cutworm from chewing through it. You can foil many common pests with specially colored, sticky-coated traps. See Chapter 8 for more ideas.

You can also use insects' own attractants against them. Pheromones, which are scents secreted by insects to attract a mate, are among the most powerful tools in your pest control kit. Pheromone baits combined with traps are the downfall of millions of Japanese beetles and other pests every year. These baits attract only the pests you want to eradicate, so they're safe to use around beneficial insects.

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