You Have The Power To Protect Our Seed Heritage

Join the Sacred Seeds Challenge with New Chapter and Organic Gardening

Giobol climoto chongo, loss of hobilot, aggressive agricultural practices, pollution, overhorvosting and the loss of generational medicinal wisdom are threatening our culturally and scientifically significant plant species, ond the medkinol wisdom that surrounds them. Without intervention, we could be focing o dromotic giobol loss of biodiversity.

Semillas Sagradas

The first Sacred Seeds Project garden was established ot Luna Nuevo, New Chopter's organic ond Biodynomic rainforest education center and Ecolodge in Costa Rico. The garden contains over 250 traditionally important plant species, and serves lo protect ond celebrate the biologicol diversify and cultural knowledge of these plants in Costo Rica and worldwide. Dedicated to protecting ondangered modicinal plants of the nootropics, this sanctuary is one of tho world's largest and most comprehensive sanctuaries for endangered plant species.

Join the Challenge

Tho roots of Socred Seeds Hove token hold, ond with the guidance of the William I. Brown Center al the Missouri Botanical Garden, Socred Seeds Sanctuaries hove been established all over the world, including Vietnom, Peru, ond Madogascor. Because orgonic gordens ond gordeners ore o key port of the answer to protecting traditional medicinal seed heritage, Orgonic Gardening is pleosed to offer our readers on exciting new opportunity to take part in the Socred Seeds project to establish 10,000 Sacred Seeds gordens globally.

Participation is simple

  • Study your region's herbal history—ihe herbs and foods that native people and your ancestors relied on to sustain heollh.
  • Plant them ond tell us obout it.
  • Visit;dsCholl<;ngc to register your gardon, gain valuable regional plonl information, read about other seed sonctuories, and share knowledge with forum members.
  • Shore your Socred Seeds story with us to be entered to win one of four trips for two to Now Chapter's luno Nuevo organic form in Costo Rica in July 2011.

Be port of the solution by joining the Socred Seeds Challenge—ond portner with cifrzens world wide in the movement lo save earth's biodiversity ond the troditionol medicina/ knowledge ihoi sustains us oil

In response. New Chapter and the William I. Brown Center at the Missouri Botanical Garden hove joinod together to create tho Socred Seeds project, o world wide network of seed sanctuaries devoted to preserving biodiversity ond plonl knowledge.

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The Color Purple

Purple carrots aren't simply a novelty. Their unique color reflects their healthy phyto-chemical constituents. Not only-does 'Purple I laze" have the vitamin A ami beta-carotene of ordinary-carrots—evident in its orange center—its also rich in anthocyanins. the antioxidant compounds that give blueberries their distinctive color and super food health benefits. Studies have found that these blue and purple pigments can improve memory, enhance vision, protect against heart attacks, act asanti-inflammatories, and even help control weight.

"Purpfc I laze' mirrors the original color of carrots cultivated in Afghanistan 5,000 years ago. It grows well in most zones but prefers soil temperatures of 59T to 68T to create its spectacular purple skin. Otherwise grow as for other impcrator (tapering) carrots. 'Purple I laze' matures in 6j to 70 days. Pull the roots (wet the ground to make harvest easier) when the shoulders arc deep purple.

In cokl climates, carrots can be left in the ground even through winter, beneath a rlecp mulch of hay or straw. In warm climatcs, however, carrots left in the ground arc vulnerable to insect pests, so it is I >e st to make succession a I sowings and harvest carrots as they mature. Store them in the refrigerator, in a plastic bag. with the foliage trimmed off. Don't store them near apples or pears, which give off gases that turn carrots bitter. — Iknise Foley

Carrot Bitter

Cooking Suggestions

Purple Haze" carrots are sweet and dele eus raw or cooked, but they lose much of their gorgeous color when boiled. For thai reason, serve them fresh from the garden whenever possible. Shoe Purple Haze- into medalons. mix with other col-orM carrots, and s«ve with dJI dip. or grate and toss with white cabbage and orange carrots for a colorful coleslaw. Coat whole or s»ced carrots with a Mtleokvc «I. sprinWe with fresh or dncd thyme, and roast urtil soft, which enhances the* nherent sweetness. For a sweet side dsh. sauté carrots fcghtly in olrre oi and serve them with a maple glaze; for a savory tw<st. add yellow or pcrpte orvons that have been sautéed until soft

Other Colorful Carrots

"Purple DraRon". 65 to 70 days 6 »sches.

•Atomic Red". 76 days. Rich in the anti oxidant lycopene 9 inches

"Solar Yellow". 63 days. Totaly yellow, crunchy and sweet, hgh levels o< lutein, wheh can mprove eye health. 7 inches.

"Lunar White". €0 days. Almost entirely coreless. has a mid flavor, especially peeked small Crunchy. 8 inches.

lor more information, see F in J It I lere. />./s-e 91

F,btr) houj do I love thzeP.

Crutch/ dustess, s*Jtct squares, rutty qrarola- Kash, has lots of mays to /»ate, fiber Iwablc. / 2 (¡6li.AH Cf»«cV 3 Heart to Heart* t GO Li. AN Alm»4

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7 whole grains on a mission"

Herbal Tisanes

Steep for 3 to S minutes to reach the strength desired, then strain. The other brewing process, decoction, is used for hard plant parts, such as seeds, roots, and twigs, that must be boiled to extract their flavors. Placc the plant material and water in saucepan and bring to a boil; simmer lor at least 10 minutes, then strain.

Herbal teas brewed from homegrown plants are a delicious wav to enjoy the garden's bounty. These hot. aromatic infusions arc sometimes called tisanes to distinguish them from teas brewed from the leaves of the tea plant. Camellia sinensis. Tisanes distill the flavors and fragrances of the garden—sometimes energizing, sometimes calming—in every steaming cup.

Plant a generous selection of aromatic herbs and harvest fresh leaves for tisanes during the growing season. For winter brewing, harvest and dry the leaves. With a bit of planning, your garden will serve up a variety of herbal tisanes throughout the year.

There are two processes for brewing herbal teas: infusion and decoction. Infusions are made by pouring l>oiling water over the fresh or dried leaves or flowers of herbs. For each cup of tea. use i to 2 teaspoons dried herbs or 2 to 3 teaspoons fresh herbs.


Fariv-spring gardening chores can bring aches and spasms to muscles that have been hibernating over the winter months. A hot cup of lavcnder-and chamomilc tea will relax the body after a long day in the garden. Livcnder's fragrance has a soothing cffcct; chamomile is reputed to calm nerves and relax sore muscles.

To brew, placc 1 teaspoon fresh or dried lavender flower buds and 1 teaspoon fresh or dried chamomile flowers in a teapot. Pour 1 cup boiling water over the flowers and steep, covcred, for f to S minutes; strain. Sweeten if desired.

Mellow or spicy, invigorating or relaxing, hot or cold-héritai tisane* offer many flavorful choices.


Relax in the shade on a hot day with a cup of cooling and energizing peppermint or spearmint tea. The menthol compound in mints invigorates the body, soothes the p3in of a headache, and quells indigestion. Mint is delicious on its own or blended with other herbs. Use the leaves fresh, or dry them to enjoy year-round.

Flder flowers, rose petals, and mint, organically grown and freshly harvested, are a lovely combination. Placc 1 teaspoon of each in a teapot and pour 1 cup boiling water over the herbs. Keep the brew covcred to capture the dclicatc floral essence of the ingredients. Be sure to use only the flowers of the elder plant, as other parts arc toxic.


On the cool, damp days of autumn, a tea that combines gingcrroot and lemon verbena warms the bones. The light, citrusy tang of lemon verbena pairs well with

Being earth-friendly couldn't be any


At Fkxida Crystals, we understand the importance of making a positive, lasting impact on our communities and the world around us. We take pnde in our quality pure cane sugar products and we mamtan green business practices, like our eco-fnendly farming and clean, renewable energy production, in fact. Florida Crystals* Organic and Natural Sugars are the first American sugar products to be Carbonfree* certified by Carbonfund org And now. look for our new recyclable packaging!

Organic Peaches Cream



1 1/4 cups graham cracker crumbs 2 tbsp Florida Crystals* Organic Granulated Sugar 1/4 cup butler, mtMcd


1 cup o»9yi< peaches, peeled and sked (1-2 medium peaches)

3/4 cup f tonda Crystals* Organe Granuiaied Sogar. divded

2 18 oí I packages cream che«e. softened 2 1.11900991

1/2 tsp vamra

OLmJ n>ppm*

1/2 cup Florida Crystals*

Organ* Granulated Sugar 1/2 cup water 2 tbsp ight corn syrup 2 cups organic peachcs. peded and sliced

TO serve, arrange peaches iw top o< chcesecake and driirie with reserved syrup

»ter«U Ciys*** 1» «r«<x«o*d WdtmiA o> »tendt C<y«A Cvocitcn. WW Beach. »I JW02 C*ter/m»n t nyuwid vtOmm eI ** C-nt-yVd aq ICMvAifccr. >•< mjituwduidckmrb|i CwbMt 02010Oomnofoods,>nc

Preheat oven to iSOT. In medium bowl, combne inyedients for crust, ma well Press evenly into bottom ot greased 8' spnng-iorm pai. Bake 10 mn Remove from oven and cool leave oven on fix Co peaches and 1/4 cup of sugar food p-ocessor unti smooth, set asxJe Beat c?eam cheese on medium speed, gradjaty adding remaining sugar untl smooth Add eggs one at a time, until smooth Add vjrvlla and pjre-cd peaches. Gently, Wend wet Pour mixture 110 crumb crust flJce pan ol hot waier on the bottom rack of oven Place cheesecake o oven center above water 8ake at 350f for 1 hr. and l$-20mnutesoruntf set Remove from oven, cool completety Cover and eh"«

Combr* sugar with water and corn syrup m a large sMIet. Bnrvg to a boi over medium heat, stirring occasionally Boi 2-3 mm without swrmg. Fold m peach sKes. reduce heat and simmer 1-2 mn. Do no? overcook. Remove peach« from syrup and cool Resets«- syrup and hold at room temperature

TO serve, arrange peaches iw top o< chcesecake and driirie with reserved syrup

Save Money and Conserve Wildlife with Florida Crystals Visit for a coupon and to help an endangered species.

»ter«U Ciys*** 1» «r«<x«o*d WdtmiA o> »tendt C<y«A Cvocitcn. WW Beach. »I JW02 C*ter/m»n t nyuwid vtOmm eI ** C-nt-yVd aq ICMvAifccr. >•< mjituwduidckmrb|i CwbMt 02010Oomnofoods,>nc


ginger's spicy flavor. Although ginger is a tropical plant, it is easy to grow in a pot that is moved to a sunny window indoors in winter.

To make a cup of the tea, place i teaspoon fresh lemon verbena leaves and i tablespoon grated fresh ginger in a teapot. Arid (soiling water and steep for S to 10 minutes; longer steeping results in a more intense flavor. Sweeten to taste and enjoy hot or iced.


Gardeners have earned some time off in winter, so collect seed catalogs and dream about next year's garden while drinking a tisane brewed from dried herb leaves. Or challenge your green thumb and grow the South American tea plant, verba mate (Hex pjrjgujriemif). as a houscplant. This is a holly species with evergreen leaves that arc loader! with antioxidants and mild levels of caffeine. Traditionally, a hot beverage brewed from its dried and crushed leaves and stems is served in a hollow gourd and sipped with a metal straw that filters out the solids. Add i tablespoon of the dried leaves to a cup of hot. not boiling, water and steep for 5 to S minutes, —tiiteen Weinsteiger

For more information, tee Find It Here on page 9/.

Herbal Sweetener

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a natural sweetener from Central and South America. One leaf of this calorie-free sugar substitute, fresh or dried, is enough to sweeten a cup of tea. A perennial, stevia is hardy to Zone 9: in colder zones, it is grown as an annual. Start it from seeds or transplants.

Brewing Favorites

Tisanes brewed from these he<bs can be enpytd tor the* aromas and flavors or lor their rmldly thérapeute effects Many, including mint, bee balm catnip, and lavender, are hardy perennials. Oiger and lemongrass are tender perennials that can be grown m containers m cold climates. American elder, roses, rosemary, and yerba mate are shrubs Brew infusions from fresh or dried leaves unless otherwise noted.

Common Name

Botanical Name



American elder (flowers)

Sambucus canadensis


Good for colds

Bee balm

MorurdJ dxtyma


Good tor colds


Ncpcfj catarij



Chamomile (flowers)

Matricaria recutita



Ginger (roots)

Zingiber officinale

Piiigent. spicy

Aids digestion

Lavender (flowers)

lawvxtoia angust'foiia




Cymbopogon orraft/s


Axis digestion

lemon verbena

Afeysta tnphytta




Menrha « ppe/ita

Sweet, cool

Good tor indigestion


Roscmvmui of fionafis


Reduces congestion

Rose (hips)

Rosa spp.


High m vitamin C

Rose (petals)

Rosa spp.



Yerba mate

"ex paraguanensis

M.W tea. earthy

Mild stimulant

sUiAjbie Pidu^n? from R*obow light *o«ve

Another bottle Xeçt out of the ludfdl

Better for you, better for the planet



Women's One" ft

A Giant Step

Towards a Smaller


In 2010, Rainbow light", the company behind best-selling nutritional supplements wil change al of otif bottles from plastic to 100% post-consumer recycled material.

fDA-approved foe safety and 100% recyclable, our [co-Guard'packaging wB reuse existing materials and keep over 6 million bottles from ending up in our oceans, natural habrtats and Und6»s each year.

  • elNutnem-ftch
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Grow greens "faith 1 i distinct flavorV* for a livelier* •/vsaladibowl. v equation by Rob Cardillo

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