Mini Dragon Torch

From (he maker* of the Vited Dragon' ami Red Dragon* Torch Kit* come* (he New Mini Dragon. 'I°hi*grca( new-torch kit is pcrfect foe tho*c smaller job* around (he home ami garden when (he power and larger llainc of our other kit* isn't required- The pinpoint llame i* pcrfcct for precise spot weeding and other *mall job* like lighting charcoal, chimincas. camplirc*. and more. Mini Dragon use* *(andard i pound propane cylinders, i* lightweight, ca*y (o maneuver, and made in (he U&A.

Kind out more today by calling Flame Engineering, Inc., at 1-S00-155-1469 or s isit ii* >111 (lie well at ssss w,\\< i <ll)r.ii;


\Vha( jvu put into your body miners to sou. Stay hyd rated with a healthy, safe, cco-friemlly Klean Kameen"'. (he first stainless bottle de*igneil for personal u*c. Made of high ijuality. 181S food-grade *tainle** «cel. every Klean Kameen'* ever made 1* free of BPA. phthalatc*. and other (oxin*.


IW it on! Organic \alley* l/ic Organic I ant-fat Yogurt in a ji-o* recyclable hot(le in plain, vanilla, and berry. It*t Imostcd with Thrive", our blend of living protiiotic culture* phis inulin (o *uppor( immune ami digestitc health. Sweetened with agave ncccar. Delicious from (he family farm co-op.

HWOfgnk\.ilU %.>mi l yogurt


N'utricn(-rich whole food multi*i(amin* formulated to renew, strengthen, ami protect core bod*- «stems for *u*taincd health ami longevity. We round oat esen the healthiest of diet* with ocganic fruit*, vegetable*, botanicals, and nutricM* tha( *upport Iner ami cellular integrity for strong, vibrant health.

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The New A; Improved Deluxe Showerwise Filtration System reduces harmful contaminant* such as lead, chlorine. Ixacteria. ami algae from shower water, linjoy healthier, cleaner, ami frc*her shower* today? Get relief from itchy skin ami scalp. Iwrmng eyes, o<lor. and dull, dry hair. KlFcctivc 2-J time* longer than other shower liltcr*.

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Incredibly strong and ideal (or indoor and outdoor applications. Bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic, loam, glass and much mote!

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