I would like to sincerely thank the following people for their generosity in allowing me to take up their time, either with taking photographs, lending me photographs, checking over a specific chapter, or freely sharing their knowledge. In Australia, Barry and Lesley Blyth at Tempo Two. In California, George and Margaret Sutton and Lorraine and Gordon Nicholson. In Oregon, Keith Keppel for passing a critical eye over the photographs; David Schreiner, Paul Black, Thomas Johnson, Jim and Vicki Craig, Barbara Aitken, Will and Tracy Plotner, Chad Harris, and the American Median Iris Society. In Maryland, Carol Warner and Bruce Hornstein for letting me photograph their Japanese irises. In Britain, Kim Davis with his sibirica irises and Jennifer Hewitt for reading the Siberian iris chapter and both Jennifer and Sydney Linnegar for lending me photographs; Christine Murphy at Middleton House; Jim Almond with his wonderful Onco and Juno irises and for looking over the text; and Tony Hall at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. And finally my children, Ellen and Robert, for being neglected at an important time of their life and, by no means least, my husband, Ric, for sharing my iris passion. Without him I could not have done this book.

Square Foot Gardening Greenhouse

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