Sfoion Sngs for Cabbage hoopers

Note: Jeff inspects his plants often in search of cahbage loopers, but rarely finds one of the leaf-eating visitors. On 20 cabbagc plants surrounded by onions, he may find 3 loopers at the peak ol their season.

Some of the onions eventually grow into bulbs, but Jeff harvests most of lliem for use as green onions.

Discourage the adult moths of cabbageworms and cabbage loopers from laying eggs on cabbage-family plants by planting a ring of onion sets around each seedling.

Cabbage looper

Imported cabbageworms and cabbage loopers feed on leaves in the cabbage family. Imported cabbageworm adults are white butterflies, whereas cabbage tooper adults are gray mottled moths.

Imported cabbageworm

Confuse cabbage loopers and cabbageworms by surrounding your broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower plants with onions. In both spring and fall, Charlotte, North Carolina, gardener Jeff Davis sees very few loopers when he uses this easy companion planting method.

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