Ingredients and Supplies

1 tablespoon goldenseal rout powder

(Hydrastis canadensis) 1 tablespoon myrrh powder

1 tablespoon white oak bark powder Glass jar

2 cups isopropyl alcohol Strainer lined with muslin 16-ounce bottle with cap

Nature usually offers amends for her plagues. Quite often, the cause and cure are neighbors. Such is the case with jewefweed (Impatiens capensis), which grows abundantly at the edges of streams and moist woodlands right alongside that troublesome poison ivy vine. For quick relief from poison ivy, pinch off a piece of jewelweed, slit the stem, and rub the juice on affected areas. To make an emergency stash, cover a pot of jewelweed (leaves, stems, and flowers) with water, simmer until reduced by half, and freeze into cubes. Use the cubes directly on the skin or melt them and make a compress with the liquid. Jewelweed also eases the itch and sting of stinging nettle and insect bites. V

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