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Herb-scented foot and body warmers make the perfect holiday gift for cold winter days.

To make the outer flannel pillowcase:

1. Using the smaller pattern, cut I rectangle of flannel on the fold.



Cotton flannel outer case

Cut on fold 9"x9Vz"

  1. Using the larger pattern, cut 2 rectangles of flannel.
  2. Hem one of the short seams on each of the 2 flaps ol flannel,
  3. Lay out the long side of the flannel with right sides up. Overlap the 2 flaps with hemmed sides in the middle and right sides lacing downward.
  4. Stitch around the periphery of the flannel sack again, reinforcing the corners and double-stitching over the overlaps.
  1. Trim seams and corners and turn right sides out. Insert the grain sack through the opening in the middle. Shake and flatten out the grain sack evenly.
  2. For warm applications, heat the pillow in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Warm your hands by placing them inside the flap, wrap the pillow around tired shoulders, lay it over cold feel, or place it in the back of your chair or car seat to ease back pain.

For moist heat, place a cup of water in the microwave when heating the pillow. Then lay the pillow over your eyes, nose, and cheeks to ease sinus congestion.

For cold applications, such as reducing swelling, Ireeze the pillow until it is cold.

8. Be sure to remove the grain sack before washing the llannel pillowcase.

Yield: i Herb-Scented Foot and Body Warmer

Note: It's easy to cnhance the healing properties of this pillow with herbs. Just drop a small herb sachet into the outer pillow case along with the grain sack. Remove the herbs when heating or chilling the pillow. "I don't add the herbs to the grain sack because they'll need to be refreshed long before the pillow wears out," explains Alison. 1 And I don't use essential oils, as the scent will remain in the pillow for longer than you may like.' By the way, the rice smells wonderful when it's heated.

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Right side up

Right side down

Right side down

Right side up

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Have you been looking for a simple powder to keep feet and footwear fresh? Herbalist Gail Ulrich, author of Herbs to Enhance Immunity and founding director of Blazing Star Herbal School in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, has this easy recipe to share. "Mix in a few drops of tea tree oil to the powder if foot fungus is a problem," Gail says.

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