Ingredients and Supplies

  1. Place the chopped leaves in the blender.
  2. Add enough hot water to fill the blender jar and blend thoroughly.
  3. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth or a colander and apply the cooked leaves around the base of plants.
  4. After the liquid cools, use it as a soil drench around plants.

Chop your overgrown Swiss chard leaves and process them with hot water in a blender. The cooied cocktail is a great pick-me-up for woebegone plants.

Yield: About 8 cups of Swiss chard tea

Note: Swiss chard leaves that are longer than 10 inches are best added to the compost pile or used in this tonic tea. You can also use the liquid that's left after cooking Swiss chard in the same way.

Variation: If all of your chard winds up on the dinner table, you can substitute comfrey in this recipe. Its leaves are high in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, trace minerals, and vitamins A, B-12, and C.

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