To make the inner muslin pillow: 1- Using the smaller pattern, cut 2 rectangles, both on the fold of the muslin. 2, Stitch all sides together using 14-inch seam allowances and leaving a 2- to 3-inch opening on one short side. Reinforce the corners by sewing over them several times.

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To make a soothing eye pillow, make a 714 x 31,4-mch pillowcase from a woven soft fabric such as silk, suede, or flannel. Fill with flaxseed mixed with a few tablespoons of lavender buds and sew shut.

To use, chill in the freezer and lay over forehead and eyes for sweet relief. V

  1. Turn the muslin sack so that the seam allowances are on the inside.
  2. Fill the sack with the rice and flaxseed (Make a funnel from a piece of paper for easier filling.)
  3. Stitch the opening shut,
  4. Check for any leaks by tipping the sack from hand to hand, mixing the rice and flaxseed at the same time.

What's stuffed with grain, applied hot or cold, and comforts aching muscles and cold feet? A pillow. But not just any pillow! This one is filled with flaxseed and rice and can be heated in the microwave to provide fragrant, warm heat or chilled in the freezer to cool a fever or over-extended muscles.

"1 discovered these in a specialty gift shop a few years ago," says Alison Melotti-Cormack, an artist in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Alison toyed with the design, creating a prototype that she likes even better than the original inspiration. "It's important to use all-cotton fabrics," cautions Alison. "You don't know what will happen if you heat synthetics in a microwave,"

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