1. Mix all ingredients together in the pail.
  2. Allow to steep overnight.
  3. Use a metal can to scoop up the mix and dribble it onto soil where dogs are likely to dig or lie. You can also use this formula to discourage dogs that are intent on rearranging your compost heap. When the compost is turned and you want it left alone, sprinkle it thoroughly with Dog-Gone Potion.

Yield: About I quart of Dog-Gone Potion

^jjeakm £CAT Tactics_

Nobody wants to hurt a pet, but when pets are pestering the plants in your garden, it's time to show them the door. Here are some sneaky ways to lure them away from your garden and keep them otherwise occupied.

  • Kitties love catnip (Nepeta cat aria)—they'll frazzle themselves and the plant by eating it, batting it around, and rolling on it. You can capitalize on their catnip compulsion by planting kitty "trap crops" of catnip to keep them out of your garden. Simply dig up a small plot at the edge of your property, far away from your garden and your bird feeders. Plant a patch of catnip, and nearby, dig up the soil and mix in some sand, so they'll have a place where they can dig, roll, and munch catnip to their heart's content. They'll never give your garden a second thought.
  • If your dog is digging in your garden, you may not be able to change its pesky habit, but you can redirect it! Give the dog its own sandbox—you can make an inexpensive one by filling a kiddy swimming pool with sand. Put the sandbox far away from your garden and bury treats, like dog biscuits and chew toys, in the sand for Fido lo dig up. Pretty soon, your pooch will look forward to digging for buried treasures in its sandbox and will forget all about digging in your garden. ^
Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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