1. Prepare your garden site or planting container for planting by digging a hole.
  2. Use the shaker or your hand to sprinkle the powdered nonfat milk into the planting hole. Add the Epsom salts and compost or composted manure, if desired. The Epsom salts and compost will boost your plant's overall growth and disease resistance, Marion says,
  3. Mix the ingredients into the soil with the hand trowel.
  4. Set your tomato plant in place and refill the hole with soil.
  5. Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons additional powdered nonfat milk around the plant, then mix the milk into the soil with the trowel.

Mulch Tomatoec lia


A layer of mulch doesn't just keep moisture in the soil; it also can protect your tomatoes from diseases, says Dr. Frank «¡Hebrew, extension plant pathologist at Mississippi State University. "The mulch provides a physical barrier between soil and plant surfaces and reduces the amount of disease inoculum that is splashed onto foliage, stems, and fruits during rainy periods," explains Dr. Killebrew. Mulching can prevent tomato (and cucumber) rot diseases. He suggests using black plastic or organic materials such as bark, composted sawdust, oat straw, or pine needles for mulch.

6. Add more powdered milk every few weeks throughout the growing season by sprinkling about 2 tablespoons of the powder on top of the soil. When you use your trowel (or a spade or garden fork) to mix the powder into the soil, take care not to damage roots that are growing near the soil surface.

How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

Interested In Canning Juicy Tomatoes? Here's How You Can Prepare Canned Tomatoes At Home. A Comprehensive Guide On Tomato Canning. The process of canning tomatoes at home has been a family tradition with many generations. Making home canned or home tinned tomatoes is something that is remembered by families for years! You must have surely seen your granny canning tomatoes at home in order to prepare for the approaching winters. In winters, one is usually unsure of getting fresh tomatoes.

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