1. Combine herbs and spices in the jar.
  2. Add vodka and stir or shake to make sure that the herbs are covered,
  3. Steep at room temperature lor 1 weeks.
  4. Strain liquid into storage container. It will keep indefinitely.
  5. To use, add 2 tablespoons of mouthwash concentrate to 'A cup water. Swish a comfortable amount in your mouth, then spit it out. Repeat until your mouth feels fresh. Yield: About 2 cups of spicy mouthwash

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(Tomfrey ï&ultice

Comfrey is a time-honored and effective remedy for hruises, sprains, and even broken bones. "In fact," says herbalist Lautieann Quiry, who practices at Mount Lebanon Herbals in New Lebanon, New York, "comfrey's common name is knit bone." You can make a poultice from fresh leaves and apply it directly to the affected area.

Whole dried leaves can also be used for poultices. If the leaves are chopped, use warm water to make them into a paste. Wrap the wound with gauze to hold the paste in place.

~T Ingredients and Supplies

Saucepan Tongs fresh comfrey leaves (Symphytum officinale} Bandage (optional)

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