Sprinkle seeds or seedlings with flavored gelatin powder. The nitrogen in the gelatin speeds sprouting and boosts plant growth, and the sugar feeds beneficial soil microbes.

  1. Fill the peat pots with potting soil and place 2 seeds in each pot.
  2. Fill the salt shaker with the Jell-O powder (and powdered skim milk, if desired, for extra calcium) and sprinkle the powder lightly on top. Gently press down the powder and cover lightly with soil.
  3. Moisten the soil and cover it with damp newspaper.
  4. Alter 4 days, remove the newspaper and keep the seeds in a warm area with temperatures of 55° to 65 °F.

Note: Should your friends snicker about your plant's snacking habits, just tell them that it makes sense when you think about what's in Jell-O, Marion says. "The gelatin helps the plant hold water, and the sugar feeds the organisms in the soil."


Even after your plants are up and running,

!! jell-0 can still help keep them healthy, Marion Hess says. "In any organic, liquid fertilizer, such as compost tea, I always add Jell-O," she reveals. Add xh to 1 teaspoon of Jell-0 powder to 1 gallon of fertilizer in a bucket. Mix well and use the mixture immediately to prevent thickening. Pour directly on the soil. Because of possible thickening, you don't want to use a spray bottle with this mixture, Marion warns.

Many adventurous gardeners use Jell-0 for their housepiants, but Marion says it's just as great at fighting off fungal diseases in outdoor plants. And, she adds, while any flavor will do, lemon's her top choice, because she thinks the citrusy odor repels some bugs, if ia

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