1. Mix the baking soda, oil, and water in the sprayer.
  2. Spray each plant completely, including the tough-to-reach spots like the undersides of leaves, says Dr. Zitter. "Some of these things (fungi) do very well on the underside of a leaf. If you spray only the top, you will reduce the population by half—if you're lucky—and you will have a new set of spores."

Yield: About 1 gallon of fungus-fighting spray

Fight fungal diseases like black spot and powdery mildew with baking soda spray-

it's cheap and effective! Be sure to spray the undersides of leaves as well as the tops.

Variation: Dr. Zitter points out that while baking soda is great, its near relation, potassium bicarbonate, performed even better in studies and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved it as a commercial home and garden product. (Look for potassium bicarbonate at garden centers.)

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