1. Place equal amounts of calendula flowers and sweet fern leaves in one glass jar.
  2. Place comfrcy leaves in the other glass jar.
  3. Pour enough almond oil in each jar to cover the herbs.
  4. Slide a chopstick into the oil to release any air bubbles, then cap jars lightly
  5. Place jars in a sunny window.
  6. Wipe the inside of each jar and lid occasionally to remove any moisture,
  7. After 2 weeks, strain out plant parts.
  8. Store oils in separate sterilized glass jars.
  9. Before applying, pour equal amounts of the calendula/sweet fern oil and the comfrey oil into a clean bottle.
Calendula and sweet fern

It's important to prevent moid from developing while infusing oil with herbs. Air bubbles are possible troublemakers because they can trap water vapors from the herbs and the vapors may promote mold. Get rid of any air bubbles in the herb and oil mixture by occasionally stirring it with a chopstick.

  1. For each 8 ounces of almond oil, add 4 droppersful of goldenseal tincture and I capful of each of the essential oils,- shake well.
  2. Label and date the bottle. This formula will keep for up to a year if stored in a cool, dark location
  3. To apply, shake the bottle well before each use. Apply liberally to damaged skin using a piece of gauze to dab the oil in place. Try not to rub the sore skin.

Note: Comfrey is considered unsafe for internal use by humans Make sure your pet doesn't lap up this herbal skin oil while you re applying it

Moisture under the lid and around the insides of the jar can also encourage mold. Occasionally wipe these areas while the oil-and-herb mixture is setting.

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