1. Grate the beeswax or use the flat-bladed knife to slice the wax into thin shavings. Place the beeswax in the metal can.
  2. Fill the bottom oi the double boiler about half full with water. Bring water to a low boil over medium-high heal
  3. Place the metal can in water in the top of the double boiler and melt the wax slowly.
  4. Hold a pinecone with the tongs, and dip it into the melted wax for a few seconds
  5. Lift the pinecone out of the wax, and hold it above the can while excess wax drips off.
  6. Let the wax cool partially. Press a piece of candle wicking into the soft wax, and set the cone aside to let the wax harden

Note: You can add fragrant oil to the beeswax when making these fire starters. See "Fancy Herbal-Seented Flames" on page 217 for directions for adding oil to melted beeswax.

To make a pinecone fire starter, dip one end of a pinecone into a metal can that contains melted beeswax.


After the wax cools and hardens partway, press a piece of candle wicking into the soft wax.

Caution: Hot wax can cause serious burns. Wear protective gloves when attaching the wick to the soft, warm wax.

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