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  1. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.
  2. Spray lightly on your lawn. Avoid overuse or drenching the soil with baking soda.

Yield: About I gallon oispray for battling brown patch

Note: John says potassium bicarbonate, available in garden centers, is the best choice for this spray. Unlike baking soda, potassium bicarbonate leaves no salt residue in the soil.

How can you tell if your lawn has brown patch? Take a look at your lawn care techniques. John Dromgoole says, "the disease is generally caused by poor drainage, too much rain or irrigation, and/or too much nitrogen fertilizer. Another symptom is that the leaves easily pull loose from the runners."

Aerate to improve the movement of air, nutrients, and water through the soil. And fix drainage problems by filling in low spots or installing drain tiles in your yard. To permanently solve brown patch problems, John suggests applying a half-inch layer of finished compost to your lawn. The microbe trichoderma, which exists in compost, is a powerful deterrent to brown patch. V

You can aerate your lawn with a spading fork. Insert the tines about 4" into the ground at a 45° angle. Press down lightly to loosen the soil, then pull out the fork. Repeat at 11 intervals.

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