1. Mix soap, seaweed, and water together in the spray bottle.
  2. Spray plants liberally and wipe off excess moisture with a clean cloth. Use monthly.

Yield: About 1 quart of soapy plant spray

Plant Mixing Pian

To save cucumbers and squash from one of their greatest enemies—bacterial wilt—try companion planting, suggests Dennis Glowniak, president of the California Organic Garden Club, Dennis says you can t beat this combination of tansy and radishes for a healthy summer-long feast of cucumbers and squash.

Like many bacterial diseases, wilt is carried by an insect pest. In this case, it's the cucumber beetle, which injects the wilt disease as it feeds. In this planting plan, the pungent aroma of tansy confuses and repels the beetles, while the radishes lure them away from the vine crops.

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