Confuse Cuke beetles with ottaiis

Confuse cucumber beetles and other garden pests by planting rattail radishes in and around your vegetables. After Master

Gardener Carol Kelly of Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, heard other gardeners talking about interplanting radishes with pest-

plagued crops, she decided to try rattail radishes, a special variety of radishes that have edible pods. She especially recommends planting this tasty deterrent around your summer squash plants to repel cucumber beetles.

Carol thinks that regular radishes will discourage cucumber beetles, too, but the rattail radish plants grow bigger—often I 8 inches tall—and she likes the flavor of the edible pods, which appear after the flowers. "1 pick them Striped cucumber beetles often when they're still young and tender and chop them into eat ***** ^ "T'a'T ; , peas, and other plants. Besides salads," Carol says. Rattail radishes develop a thick consuming your crops, they can taproot, but it's not edible like other kinds of radishes. also transmit plant diseases.

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