Introduction by Tess Present

Healthier Yards, Healthier Neighborhoods, Healthier Habitats 1

Seattle Gardens, Seattle Gardeners by Bob Simmons The Zimmermans

Boundless Energy and Endless Ideas 7

Sandra Dean

Finding Space in a City for Wildlife Habitat 10

Seattle Audubon Society

Building Habitat Layer by Layer, Step by Step 12

Washington Native Plant Society

Going Native with a Plant Society 14

James Jackson

"This Garden is Me." 15

Don Norman

Sharing the Bounty 16

Bradner Park

Hoops, Cukes and Stir-Fry 18

Woodland Park Zoo

Do Do That Zoo-doo 21

Let's Have Tea and Compost 23

Fauntleroy Creek

Save Fish, Help Birds 24

Steve Hallstrom

Who Needs Rain, Anyway? 25

Giving Up Pesticides

Not Just for the Birds... For the Kids 27

Jon Rowley

Linking Soil and Flavor 28

Building a Healthy Garden by Lauren Braden

Creating Your Own Healthy Habitat 29

Simple Steps for the Lively Garden 30

Building a Healthy Community by Lauren Braden

Make Your Own Community Healthier 41

Resources and References 44

Chapter 1, Audubon At Home in Seattle:Gardening for Life. Copyright 2003. National Audubon Society and the Seattle Audubon Society. Available online: AND

Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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