The two main considerations concerning the storage of seeds from trees and shrubs are moisture content and temperature of storage.

As it is not always possible for the gardener, without detailed information, to know which seeds fall into which groups, all seeds should be treated similarly as a standard procedure. Surface dry all extracted seed to avoid moisture between the seeds encouraging fungal rots.

If the seeds are to be used within a couple of days, store them at room temperature in a polythene bag to maintain the moisture content at which they were extracted or collected. This is especially relevant for plants that store their food as fats and oils.

The cooler the seeds are kept the longer they remain alive and vigorous. So, for long-term storage, put the seeds in a polythene bag, label them, and then place them in a domestic refrigerator near the top, where it is coolest. The lower the temperature the more effective is storage, as long as the seeds are not frozen. Under these conditions seeds can be stored for several weeks.

1 Surface dry all extracted seeds to avoid possible fungal rots. ,

2 Place seeds in polythene bags to maintain their moisture content.

3 Label polythene bags with name of seeds and place in top of refrigerator.

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