How to apply rooting hormones

In order to know how to apply rooting hormones, it is important to understand one or two basic premises. Firstly, that the concentration of hormone applied to induce root formation is not the best concentration to cause root development. Secondly, although the hormone may be absorbed through the bark, most of the hormone will be taken up through the cut base of the stem cutting.

In actually applying the hormone therefore take care to touch only the basal cut surface on to the powder so that no powder adheres to the outside of the stem; do not dip the cutting even as deep as 1 in.

By applying the hormone the roots are induced to form, but if they emerge and come into contact with the hormone still on the bark this may cause the roots to die off. In many cases this does not happen totally, but it may cause losses in some plants or under certain conditions; it is prudent to adopt a system that is suitable for all plants.

If there is difficulty in getting sufficient hormone powder to adhere to the cut surface at the' base of the cutting then the cutting should first be dipped in water. This is an especially valuable hint with softwood cuttings, which will benefit from the water anyway.

Make up water-based formulations by dissolving a pill in a specified amount of water. Then stand the base of the cutting in the solution for 12-24 hours. As the concentration of water-based rooting hormones is much lower than powder-based ones, the bark is not adversely affected and so the cutting can be left standing in any depth of the solution.

If an alcohol-based solution is used, dip the base of the cutting in solution and allow to drain so that the alcohol can evaporate, leaving the hormone on the cuttings.

Correct way to apply rooting hormones

Incorrect method

Correct way to apply rooting hormones

Incorrect method

Stem Cutting Hormone Powder

1 Dip the base of a stem cutting into water.

2 Push the base of the cutting on to the hormone powder.

Ensure no hormone powder adheres to the outside of the stem cutting.

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