4 Trim the heel. Pinch out any soft growing tip on the cutting.

10 Plant any other cuttings. Label them. Water the cuttings with a fungicide.

11 Seal the lid of the cold frame and shade it until light intensity decreases.

12 Prevent the cuttings drying out. Water them with a fungicidal solution.

7 Dip the basal cut surface in a rooting hormone. Ensure the wound is covered.

8 Cut down the size of large leaves so they do not overlap.

9 Dibble in the cutting up to its leaves in the prepared cold-frame soil.

13 Remove any fallen leaves within the frame. Cover with matting as insulation.

14 Harden off the cuttings gradually in spring.

15 Transplant in autumn. Take care when lifting the brittle, fleshy roots.

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