Dispelling the mystique

The practice of plant propagation is inclined to be surrounded by a certain mystique, despite the enlightened modern tendency to share knowledge. The "art" of plant propagation and the possession of "green" fingers are not magical powers confined to a few fortunate gardeners; plant propagation is an entirely rational and logi< al let hnique, which, if prac tised with knowledge and understanding, can he relatively simple and easy. Undoubtedly some people do seem capable of conjuring success wit hout any basic knowledge and of carrying out the various operations instinctively, but these people have, perhaps by subconscious observation, noted correct conditions and timing. I he gardener who is gifted with "gieen" lingers is not dissimilar to the person who is "good" with animals or who has the capability to lead or influence other people. It is simply the result of an innate ability to observe particular conditions.

Nothing, however, can supersede the value of real knowledge and understanding that the gardener needs when propagating a plant. Only once he is fully versed in the basic propagating techniques can he hope to be really successful.

Although plant propagation is completely logical and explainable┬╗, some gardeners are definitely more successful than others; and it is here that the "art" of plant propagation cannot be discounted. The "art" is in interpreting information: it is possible to define the state of plant materials, the condition of plants or the effect of a particular environment, but success derives from being able to transfer this knowledge into practice and interpret these aspects in relation to a situation that is continually, but often almost imperceptibly, changing.

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