Compost for germinating seedlings

The composition of a compost for seedling germination does not differ greatly from that produced for cuttings, except that a little more attention needs to be paid to the nutrient and chemical aspects.

The basic components are peat and sand and for germination pure and simple this is sufficient. However if the seedlings are to remain in the compost for some time, add loam to act as a buffer in holding nutrients and controlling drying out. The amount of sterilized loam required need not be great: a formula of 2 parts by volume peat, 2 parts sand and 1 part loam is satisfactory.

As seeds are much more sensitive to the acidity in such a compost, lime in the form of ground chalk or ground limestone should be mixed in with the sand at the rate of ty oz per bushel of compost.

Although it is not usual to include complicated nutrient mixes in seed composts, it is important to ensure that sufficient phosphate is available. Therefore also mix f oz superphosphate per bushel of compost in with the sand.

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