Collecting and storing

Although it is usual to buy seeds it is often quite possible for the gardener to collect, extract and store his own seeds. I his is especially satisfactory with seeds from trees and shrubs, which are dealt with separately on pages 28-32.

It is important to label each stock of seed at all stages. Unidentifiable seeds will be of little use, so write a non-perishable label and make sure it accompanies the seed lot through to packeting and sowing.

Annual bedding plants are selected strains that have been line-bred to come true from seed, the problem in collecting seed to come true is that a plant may have been chance-pollinated by a different variety or species, and so hybrid, atypical plants will be produced. Commercially, the seed is kept true to type by growing the parent plants in large isolated blocks. Certain plants, such as pansies, are self-pollinating and their seed can be collected with confidence that they will come true.

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