What are the differences between the various types of sweet corn

Normal sugary (su). Kernels contain moderate but varying degrees of sugar, depending on the variety. Sugars convert to starch rapidly after harvest. Sugar content is usually about 19% on a dry weight basis.

Sugary enhanced (se). This gene, when present, modifies the normal sugary (su) gene. The result is increased tenderness and, to a varying degree, sweetness. The conversion of sugar to starch after harvest is slowed.

Varieties are described as "SE" and "EH." Sugar content is about 25% on a dry weight basis. These cultivars are generally creamy and suitable for canning.

Shrunken (sh£). This gene's name is descriptive of its effect on the appearance of the dry kernel. Its presence creates greatly heightened sweetness and slow conversion to starch after harvest. Common names for this type are "Super Sweet" and "Xtra Sweet." Sugar content for this type ranges from 40 to 50% on a dry weight basis. These cultivars are excellent when frozen.

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