Thirteen-lined ground squirrels or striped gophers may feed on tomatoes. Trap these animals with a wooden-base, snap-type, rat trap baited with peanut butter and placed near their burrow, or you can shoot them in areas where the use of firearms is permitted. You can also force them from their burrows with water and then kill them.

Woodchucks often feed on several vegetables in rural gardens, but they are protected in Wisconsin. Obtain permission to control woodchucks from your local DNR conservation warden. Control methods include trapping with steel traps or shooting.

Raccoons are a common garden problem. They are especially damaging to sweet corn and are difficult to control. Live trap in suitable box traps and move the raccoons to other areas, or exclude them with a double-wire electric fence. The first wire should be 5 inches above the ground and the second 10 inches above the ground.

Norway rats sometimes invade gardens, too. Eliminate their living quarters and use an anti-coagulant rat poison to control them.

Deer are a serious problem in a wide variety of crops, but it is difficult to control them. Electric fences, repellents and scare devices may help somewhat.

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