They can be made out of waxed paper or plastic. Some come with vent holes.

Tomato ripening sleeves are relatively new. They are perforated clear plastic sleeves that slip over the tomato cage. For extra protection tie them up at night.

Wall O'Waters are plastic "teepees" with individual pockets or tubes that can be filled with water. The water absorbs heat during the day, moderating the inside air temperature, and releases heat at night, protecting the plant down to 10°F.

Covered tunnels are made using wire support hoops (9 gauge wire) and covering them with a perforated or slitted clear plastic; a white, porous polyester cover; or a black shade netting. Support hoops are available in sizes ranging from 16 to 48 inches tall and 3 to 5 feet wide.

Floating row covers are porous polyester fabrics that are laid loosely over plants and secured at the edges. Be careful to leave enough slack so that the plants can push up the material as they grow. Floating row covers usually work best with low-growing plant types such as lettuce or melons.

The fabrics used for floating row covers and covered tunnels come in different weights for various uses. The heavier the weight, the more frost protection. There are now special, ultra light weight fabrics for use throughout the summer for insect protection. These fabrics work best either with a high tunnel system or with a crop that is harvested only once.

Remember, you must remove any protective coverings at pollination time for all cross-pollinated crops such as cucumbers, melons and squashes.

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