Watering the Pile

As each layer is added, water it thoroughly so the pile is evenly moist—like a wrung-out damp sponge that does not give out excess water when squeezed. Sufficient water is necessary for the materials to heat and decompose properly. Too little water results in decreased biological activity, and too much simply drowns the aerobic microbial life. Water the pile, when


soil green vegetation and kitchen wastes dry vegetation twigs, small branches, corn, and sunflower stalks loosened soil (12")

necessary, as you water your garden. The particles in the pile should glisten. During the rainy season, some shelter or covering may be needed to prevent waterlogging and the less optimal anaerobic decomposition that occurs in a waterlogged pile. (The conditions needed for proper functioning of a compost pile and those required for good plant growth in raised beds are similar. In both cases, the proper mixture of air, soil nutrients, structure, microorganisms, and water is essential.)

Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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