Some Causes of Poor Germination

When seeds fail to germinate or plants hardly grow at all after germination, some common causes are:

  • Using redwood compost. This compost is widely available as a mulch or soil conditioner but contains growth inhibitors that can keep seeds from germinating or plants from growing well. (This is how redwood trees reduce competition.)
  • Planting too early or too late in the season. Seeds and seedlings wait for the right temperature and length of day to start and continue growth.
  • Using weed killers or soil sterilizers. Many weed killers are short-lived, but they can limit growth in a garden long after they are supposed to degrade. Some people use them to minimize or eliminate yard care, but they can continue to have an effect for 2 years. There is never any reason to use these poisons in your yard. Also, dumping used motor oil can destroy valuable growing areas. Take it to a service station for recycling.
  • Using old seeds. Check your source.
  • Planting in soil that is too wet. Wet soil restricts oxygen, which is required for root growth. Plants can die in fertile soils when soil oxygen is too low to sustain growth.

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