Goal Build and maintain proper levels of and balances among soil nutrients

The first goal of adding fertilizers to your soil is to build nutrients up to their proper levels and balances for your particular type of soil type, rainfall, climate, sun exposure, altitude, and cation-exchange capacity (that is, a measurement of the availability of nutrients in a given soil). The second goal is to keep those nutrients in your food-raising area by composting properly and recycling all wastes. A third goal is to use enough nutrients, water, and compost in your growing area.

During a drought years ago, several women in India grew food using Biointensive methods. Their production was double that of others who used single-dug row cropping practices. One woman got even higher yields than other Biointensive gardeners by using her one unit of water, fertilizers, and seed on one growing area. Hoping for higher yields, the others had spread their single units of resources over 7 to 15 units of growing area. The woman with the best results got more total production in V7 to Vi5 the area. She had benefited by Alan Chadwick's observation, "Begin with one bed and tend it well! Then expand your growing area."

Over the years we have seen gardeners in many countries obtain excellent, good, and fair yields using grow biointensive techniques, depending on the care taken with the resources and on what results individuals believed they would obtain. A good level and balance of nutrients in your soil will help your garden flourish and make it optimally healthy and productive.

Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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