Vegetativeness versus reproductiveness

Growing a successful tomato crop depends on the grower's ability to maintain an optimum balance between vegetativeness and reproduc-tiveness. Long, sustained fruit production is accomplished only under optimum environmental conditions and by timely application of water and nutrients. A well-balanced plant is judged by its thick stem, dark green leaves, and large, closely spaced, readily setting- flower clusters. A properly nourished plant should have a stem 1 cm thick at a point 15 cm below the growingpoint. Thicker stems are an indication of overvegetativeness and are usually associated with poor fruit set and low productivity. Thinner stems are an indication of overproductiveness, which leads into carbohydrate starvation, slow growth, and ultimately low productivity.

Regulating the nitrogen and the water supply is the most common and effective technique for controlling crop growth. The water supply can be regulated directly, by adjusting the irrigation, or indirectly, by adjusting the relative humidity in the greenhouse and the electrical conductivity of the irrigation water. Light irrigation, low relative humidity, and high electrical conductivity in the irrigation water tend to make water less available to the plants and result in hard plants and slow growth. Of the three approaches, the regulation of electrical conductivity is the most preferred because of its simplicity, effectiveness, and dependability. The nitrogen supply can also be regulated directly, by adjusting the nitrogen fertilization, or indirectly, by varying the supply of other nutrients, e.g., potassium. Maintaining a high potassium-to-nitrogen ratio in the fertilizer feed is a technique that, is used by some growers to reduce the rate of growth.

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How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

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