Plant improvement

Traditionally, the oldest and simplest way to improve tomatoes was to save seed from plants that had desirable characters, e.g., high yield, good flavor. This approach leads to crop improvement only when there is genetic diversity to begin with and the plants breed true (i.e., desirable characters are transferred unaltered from generation to generation). In recent years the cultivated tomato has been improved greatly by many cross-breeding techniques. Most frequently, new Fi hybrids are created by crossing preexisting cultivars or pure lines bred for that purpose (Fig. 2). This method is based on the breeder's skill in selecting the parents that should be crossed in order to produce a good hybrid and provides a convenient way of obtaining desirable combinations of characters from the parents. However, Fi hybrids do not breed true, and so each crop must be raised from fresh hybrid seed produced every year from the parental lines. Thus, the seed company that has the parents has a monopoly on the seed supply of the hybrid. It is hopeless for the grower to try and economize by saving the seed of a tomato hybrid, as such seed is useless.

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How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

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