The genus Lycopersicon of the family Solanaceae is believed to originate in the coastal strip of western South America, from the equator to about 30" latitude south; the greatest genetic diversity is found here. The genus is divided into two subgenera, Eufycopersicon and Eriopersicon, of which the former contains the species Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium and Lycopersicon esculentum. Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium, often known as the red currant tomato, has exceedingly small fruit (less than 10 mm). Lycopersicon esculentum contains large-fruited types that grow wild or are grown in cultivation as annuals or perennials. Plants of those species allocated to the subgenus Eriopersicon are generally found in the wild as perennials, with hairy and whitish green fruit that is most unattractive in appearance and flavor.

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

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