Yellow Butterfly

3 Heirloom, 68 days A prolific producer of mini-plum tomatoes similar to 'Ildi' (p73), this plant is becoming more widely grown. Rampant plants produce an extraordinary number of fruits in a truss.

Characteristics These ornamental, dainty fruits have a pleasant sweet taste.

How to enjoy Cut trusses of tomatoes and hang indoors. Nibble at your leisure.

Plum- or pear-shaped fruits

Golden Sweet

3 F1 hybrid, 65 days Mini-plum hybrid from Taiwan that produces clusters of around 40 pretty yellow plum-cherry tomatoes.

Characteristics Tomatoes resemble oversized grapes and have a mild, sweet flavor and firm texture. Resistant to splitting.

How to enjoy Ideal nibbling fruits for lunchboxes and picnics or use in sweet pickles.


3 F1 hybrid, 60 days A mini-plum-shaped variety developed in Taiwan, sister to the well-known 'Santa' (below).

Characteristics A thick skin that is resistant to splitting makes 'Juliet' a very popular commercial tomato.

How to enjoy Lovely in Mediterranean-style casseroles, but the thick skin means they are a little chewy when eaten fresh.

Deep red fruits

Deep red fruits

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