3 F1 hybrid, 65 days Very popular in England since the 1970s, 'Shirley' was first released in Israel. It is a reliable, early maturing plant, which produces more than 13lb (6kg) fruits. Ideal for unheated greenhouses or polytunnels.

Characteristics Very uniform, medium-sized fruits with a good texture and acidic taste.

How to enjoy Great for general kitchen use.

3 Heirloom, 70 days Raised in Norfolk, England by a customer of Thompson and Morgan, who crossed the popular 'Sungold' (p41) with a larger fruited orange heirloom.

Characteristics Prolific crops of orange, golf ball-sized tomatoes, which are sweet and juicy.

How to enjoy Useful size to eat fresh but also good roasted with peppers and eggplant.

Bright orange, juicy fruits

Bright orange, juicy fruits

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