Pink Accordion

3 Heirloom, 78 days Very popular heritage variety, admired for the unusual shape of the tomatoes.

Characteristics The large, pinkish red fruits are ruffled like an accordion. They have a mild, sweet flavor.

How to enjoy Fruits are easy to hollow out and look beautiful stuffed.

3 Hybrid, 72 days A commercial variety bred in the US, these plants are much grown for the supermarket trade.

Characteristics The large, well-flavored fruits have a particularly sweet flesh.

How to enjoy Slice to serve on burgers or use to make a wonderful soup.

How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

Interested In Canning Juicy Tomatoes? Here's How You Can Prepare Canned Tomatoes At Home. A Comprehensive Guide On Tomato Canning. The process of canning tomatoes at home has been a family tradition with many generations. Making home canned or home tinned tomatoes is something that is remembered by families for years! You must have surely seen your granny canning tomatoes at home in order to prepare for the approaching winters. In winters, one is usually unsure of getting fresh tomatoes.

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