Golden Cherry

3 F1 hybrid, 60 days Introduced by Suntech Seeds of Taiwan, this is a vigorous plant for greenhouses or outdoors. Produces long trusses of well-spaced fruits.

Characteristics These firm cherries are bright orange-yellow and have a very sweet, tangy taste.

How to enjoy The fruit's excellent flavor makes it particularly appealing to children.

Matt's Wild Cherry

3 Heirloom, 70 days An early cropping currant of Mexican origin that was named after Matt Liebman. It is a vigorous sprawling plant, which will self-seed in the garden.

Characteristics The tiny, flavorful tomatoes weigh less than Vlsoz (3g) each. They have a firm texture and contain many seeds.

How to enjoy These exceedingly sweet and juicy fruits are best scattered over salads.

3 Heirloom, 65 days An RHS report in 1877 noted that this tomato was a profusely fruiting, ornamental variety.

Characteristics Pinkish red, round fruits with a good sweet flavor. Some suppliers use this name for a mini-plum variety.

How to enjoy Popular as a snack or oven roasted with peppers and eggplant.

Glossy red skins

Glossy red skins

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