abscission layer - a zone of cells whose breakdown causes separation of a leaf or fruit from the stem annual - a plant that completes its lifecycle in one growing season bush - a plant that produces a number of sideshoots calyx - the collective term for the green sepals of the flower that protect it in the bud stage and form a spiderlike structure on top of the ripe fruit chlorophyll - the green plant pigment mainly responsible for light absorption cell packs - individual containers used in multiples for sowing seeds cordon - a plant generally restricted to one main stem cotyledon - the first leaf or leaves to emerge after germination of a seed cutworm - the larvae of various noctuid moths cross-pollination - the transfer of pollen from the anther of a flower on one plant to the stigma of a flower on another plant determinate plant - a bushy or dwarf tomato plant dwarf - a plant that contains a dwarfing gene, making it very compact

F1 hybrid - the term stands for 'First filial generation' and refers to a cross of two pure breeding parental lines fungus gnat - midgelike flies, up to Vein (4mm)

genus - a category in plant classification between family and species hybrid - a plant resulting from a cross between two distinct parents heirloom - an old/treasured open-pollinated plant indeterminate plant - tall or cordon plants that can grow to an indefinite length knuckle - the point were the calyx of the tomato fruit joins the stem leading shoot - the main, usually central, stem of a plant leaf axil - the upper angle between a leaf and a stem locule - a cavity or chamber within the fruit loam - a term usually used imprecisely to denote a rich soil with a balanced mix of clay, sand, and humus nematode - a wormlike animal also call an eelworm open pollinated - seed produced from natural pollination, which can result in varied plants, although, as most tomatoes are self-fertile, their offspring tend to be consistent

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