Vineyard Fertilization

Most temperate-climate vineyards benefit from nitrogen and potassium (potash) fertilization. Commercial growers need a comprehensive vineyard fertilization program involving petiole analysis (Hanson, 1996), but growers of small vineyards will very often do well if they provide vines with maintenance levels of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers. Apply 30 or 60 pounds of actual nitrogen per acre (see Table 1 for amounts per vine) to young vines in their first and second years of growth, respectively. Apply 30, 60 or 100 pounds of actual nitrogen per acre (see Table 1 for amounts per vine) to mature vines, depending on whether it is desirable to decrease, maintain or increase vine size, respectively. Make annual applications of 150 pounds of actual potassium per acre (Table 1) as a maintenance program for that nutrient. Apply these fertilizers by banding them under the trellis in the spring when shoot growth is 10 to 15 inches long. If vines develop potash deficiency as evidenced by marginal leaf scorching, apply potassium fertilizer immediately during any part of the growing season.

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