Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Section I - The Structure of a Grapevine 4

Shoots, Laterals, Trunks, Arms and Cordons . . . . 4

Nodes, Internodes, Fruiting Canes and Fruiting Spurs 6

Renewal Zone, Renewal Spurs and Vine Space 6

Suckers and Trunk Renewals 7

Section II - Getting Started 9

Selecting, Designing and Preparing a Vineyard Site 9

Selecting Grape Varieties to Plant 10

Planting and Care of Young Vines 11

Section III - Cultural Practices

For Managing Mature Grapevines 13

Grapevine Training Systems for

Table Grape Production 13

Modified Munson Training 13

Modified 4-Arm Kniffin 15

Hudson River Umbrella 15

Fan Training 16

Arbor Training 16

Pruning Vines for Table Grape Production 18

Pruning Severity 19

Selecting Fruiting Canes 20

Steps in Pruning 20

Spring Vineyard Chores 22

Vineyard Fertilization 22

Insect and Disease Control 22

Strategies for a Pesticide Spray Program 23

Controlling Animal Depredation in Table Grapes 24

Section IV - Special Practices to

Produce Quality Table Grapes 26

Crop Adjustment 27

Flower Cluster Thinning 29

Cluster Thinning 30

Berry Thinning 31

Gibberellic Acid Sprays 32

Girdling 32

Shoot Positioning 35

Brushing 36

Shoot Topping 37

Section V - Harvest, Storage and

Marketing of Table Grapes 38

Harvesting Table Grapes 38

Storing Table Grapes 38

Marketing Table Grapes 39

Appendix A - Available Publications 40

Appendix B - Sources of Materials for Table Grape Production 42

References 43

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