Step Select and Prune Fruiting Canes

The steps above for managing trunk renewals are not a factor when pruning most vines. Therefore, pruning will often go from Step 2 directly to this step. Nevertheless, when trunk renewal is required on a vine, it is attended to before the following regular steps in pruning.

Focus on the renewal zone of the vine. Select a quality cane in a desired location within the renewal zone and immediately prune it to the desired length.

Begin to prune the cane at its base. With your free hand, move outward along the cane while counting the nodes as your hand passes by them. Cut any tendrils causing attachment to other parts of the vine or the trellis. When the desired number of nodes has been counted, make a pruning cut about 3/4 inch beyond the last-counted node to complete the pruning of that fruiting cane. Repeat this process by choosing other quality canes in the renewal zone so they promote good distribution of fruiting canes in the vine space. For example, when utilizing Hudson River umbrella training, good distribution of fruiting canes may mean choosing every second or third cane along the cordon (Fig. 1f). The modified 4-arm Kniffin and modified Munson training systems have centrally located renewal zones (Fig. 3b and Fig. 13). Choose and immediately prune two canes from this renewal zone for each half of the vine space.

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