Step Determine the Vine Structure

Familiarize yourself with the structure of the vines to be pruned. Envision the training system to be used. Identify the renewal zone from which fruiting canes will be chosen. Examine the quality of canes to determine what length of healthy, mature canes are available. Have the canes ripened so canes with 10 to 12 nodes might be used? Poorly ripened canes may force you to use canes only six to eight nodes long. Consider how canes will be tied to the trellis. For example, if 30 to 35 nodes were needed for a medium-sized vine, four 8-node canes (Fig. 13) may be more manageable for tying and might give better distribution in the vine space than three 10-node canes. Decide the typical cane length to be used and then vary from that length only when forced to do so by a specific vine condition. Now prune a vine as follows:

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