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Renewal spurs create future quality canes in the renewal zone. They are selected after all the desired fruiting canes for this year's crop have been chosen and pruned. For training systems with a central renewal zone (Fig. 3b and Fig. 13), renewal spurs are generally selected below and more central to the vine than the fruiting canes. Some vines may have several high quality canes in a renewal zone but no poor quality canes below them that can be pruned to a renewal spur. In such instances, choose quality canes farther out on the vine for long fruiting canes, and use the more centrally located quality canes for renewal spurs.

Renewal spurs should be created between the longer fruiting canes on vines managed with a cordon (Fig. 1f) so that barren gaps don't develop along the cordon. After the renewal spurs have been selected and pruned, portions of the vine not needed to support those fruiting canes and renewal spurs should be pruned from the vine. This may include not only unused canes but also entire arms and possibly trunks.

Section III -

Cultural Practices for Managing Mature Grapevines

Pruning is now complete. On large vines, make additional pruning cuts on parts of the vine that have already been pruned free from the vine so they can be removed from the trellis without breaking the fruiting canes. When utilizing training systems without a cordon, grab and gently shake the trunk of the vine. This will reveal any parts of the vine that may have been unintentionally left attached to it.

Pruning is the single most important vineyard task. Leaving too many nodes on a vine risks an excessively large crop of poor quality. Leaving too few nodes on a vine risks an unnecessarily small crop and excessive, unmanageable shoot growth. Nevertheless, when in doubt, err in favor of leaving too few nodes rather than too many. Though some crop will be sacrificed, the long-term health of the vine will be preserved or even improved. Do not be afraid to prune vines!

Brush pulling is the vineyard task of removing the pruned vine parts from the trellis. It is performed either while pruning or afterward as a separate operation. Place brush in the vineyard row middles and then chop it to promote its decay. Canes and arms are seldom a significant source of vine disease and insect problems. Large trunks, however, should always be hauled out of the vineyard and either burned or buried because they are frequently a source of spores of Eutypa dieback disease of grapevines.

al., 2001) if that is the chosen under-trellis weed control strategy. All these tasks should be done before the vines begin to grow.

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