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Too many berries per cluster and excessive cluster compactness are common concerns of table grape growers. Occasionally, however, a grower may desire to increase berry set on straggly, loose clusters. Flower cluster thinning and berry thinning (Table 2) are good strategies for increasing cluster compactness. Shoot topping is another method for increasing fruit set. When grapevines are going through bloom, the clusters and rapidly growing shoots are competing for the sugars and other substances produced in the leaves. Slowing the growth of the shoot diverts more of the substances from the leaves into the clusters to promote an increase in berry set. A temporary reduction in grapevine shoot growth during bloom was accomplished in the past by spraying the product Alar. Shoot topping has the same effect by cutting off the

Shoot Topping Grapevine
Fig. 32 - A flower cluster after brushing to remove the majority of its florets.

terminal growth of fruiting shoots at the first sign of bloom. One-third to one-half of the shoot may need to be removed to be effective. Lateral shoots from the nodes at the ends of these cut shoots will eventually grow out to extend the length of the shoots that were topped.

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